Apr. 2019 Julie’s review of Breaking Stalin’s Nose, by Eugene Yelchin



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Here we have 11 year-old Sasha, who is a proud and loyal communist, like his father.  Very suddenly the tables turn in a way that perhaps an American grade school student  cannot begin to identify with today.  The book only takes 1-2 hours to read. I just couldn’t put it down! I had to find out how this was all going to play out.  Probably one of those books that adults WANT kids to love, but really it’s more for the adults.


Jan. 2019 Julie’s review of The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, by Jacqueline Kelly

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Yep, this author CRUSHED IT!

I think if Calpurnia were alive today, she would probaby love country music.

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When I think of Calpurnia, I think of strong, talented women who fight society’s perception of conformity.

What I loved about this book was the poetic writing.  I found my self re-reading certain sentences just to savor them.  The author obviously labored to use literary devices that made writing this an art form.  Often times, while nothing particularly exciting going on, I was swept away by the humorous and relatable circumstances that defined Calpurnia’s story.  I was sorry to finish this one, and I hope you read it and fall in love just like I did.

Jan. 2019 Madelynne’s review of Blackthorn Key, by Kevin Sands

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This is a truly “wicked” book!

This song highlights the hardships the main character, Christopher, experiences throughout thus book.

This book is a very suspenseful book, filled with plot twists and things you would never expect. It is an action and mystery book, but not in the normal way. It takes place in the 1600s in England. The main character, Christopher, is an apothecary’s apprentice. He has been terrified by the six murders that have recently occurred, because three of the killed were apothecaries.His master was probably one of the nicest masters in the apothecary’s guild, but one day that mysteriously changes. His master sends him away angrily to get an ingredient, and when he returns his life is changed forever. I don’t recommend this book for squeamish people, but it is a very good book that will have you on the edge of your seat until the end.